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Wireless Omni Directional Antenna

100 Euro


Anten wirless per ambjentet e jashtme deri ne 400 metra ne rreth. Insaliming dhe konfikurimin mund tju a bej une falas . Ju lutem me kontaktoni ne nr tel 0762223094 ose 0694010634

The 12dBi Outdoor Omni Directional Antenna blankets a large area with consistent continuous wireless connectivity in all directions. This product is ideal for large area Wi-Fi hotspots and other business applications. Connect this versatile outdoor antenna to any wireless 802.11b/g network device with an N-Type connector. Simply wall or pole mount the TEW-AO12O at the angle of your choice for maximum wireless coverage and throughput. No software required for installation. It can withstand winds of up to134mph (215 km) and can survive multiple lightning strikes when used with TRENDnet´s Outdoor Arrestor Kit.

URL: http://www.gumtree.com/london/49/54587049.html
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Wireless Omni Directional Antenna