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Database Administrator




Is requaring a Database Administrator

The administrator of the database will build the pattern of data and access permissions , will provide support to programmers and will administer data and permits.
Within the projects the DBA will have to deal with:

1. Create the entity-relationship diagram.
2. Making the database closely bound to the consistency of data and access using wherever possible the SQL standard for future migration to other body platform with reduced efforts.
3. Provide effective backup procedure keeping track of dates and locations of the backup periodically checking operation by recovery audit.
4. Deal with security, guarding access to the data and keeping track of granted permissions for each DBMS.
5. Periodically measure performance by acting on the indicates or scheme to produce a needed benefit.
6. Deal with software update.

For critical procedures or reused he will produce stored procedure , will document it and will make it available to the programmers. Will take care of the update of different documents in the database.
The DBA will participate with the developers to resolve problems that affect the data.
His task will be periodic install and test new versions of DBMS in use.

Requirements for candidacy:

Degree in a Computer Science discipline
Possession of the title ”Oracle Certified Professional MY SQL 5 Database Administrator”
Experience in the CRM Management.

For application send us a CV at recruitment@albacall.eu and in the subject of the mail please insert the Database Administrator position.

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Cell. 069 40 66 070

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