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ofroj vend pune It Specialist/Windows Administrator



Tirane, ofroj vend pune It Specialist/Windows Administrator
Job title: IT specialist/Windows Administrator
Department: it operations Department
Reports to: it operations manager
Authorization: Management

Job Summary

Responsible for installation, operations and maintenance of company’s IT server infrastructure

Duties and responsibilities:

1.Installs and maintains Windows operating systems and servers along with their associated services.
2.Establishes/recommends policies on system use and services.
3.Perform day to day maintenance on company Desktops, printers and user problems.
4.Manages switches
5.Server hardware/software upgrade and maintenance
6.Monitoring and troubleshooting critical services for servers
7.Administration and maintenance for server applications such as file sharing, mail, ftp etc for company
8.Developing new solution for information management
9.Preparing documentation and user guide tutorials for new applications needed for company staff and/or customers
10.Preparing and applying backup and disaster recovery procedures for servers and PC’s.
11.Maintain web hosting servers and services
12.Evaluating technical requirements for new company projects
13.Update operational log files for servers
14.Update cmdb files as per company policy
15.Hardware/software upgrade and maintenance for all company pc’s
16.Printer/scanner/photocopies maintenance
Educational Background: University degree in Computer Science or relevant area
Post – Graduate Degree Optional
Windows training certification strongly advised

Professional Experience: 3or more years work experience in a relative functional area
Skills and Ability:

§Strong inter-personal and communication skills; capable of writing purchase justifications, and interacting positively with upper management.
§Independent problem solving; self-direction.
§To be comfortable with most aspects of windows systems administration; for example, configuration of mail systems, system installation and configuration, printing systems, fundamentals of security, installing third-party software.
§A solid understanding of a windows 2003 operating system; understands active directory, devices and what device drivers do, outlook exchange 2007.
§Familiarity with fundamental networking/distributed computing environment concepts; file sharing, can use nslookup to check information in the DNS, understands basic routing concepts.
§Ability to write scripts in some administrative language.


§Strong inter-personal and communication skills; capable of writing proposals or papers, acting as a vendor liaison, and working closely with upper management.
§Ability to solve problems quickly and work under pressure.
§Ability to identify tasks which require automation and automate them.
§A solid understanding of a Windows-based operating system; devices and what device drivers do, file system concepts, ability to use performance analysis to tune systems.
§A solid understanding of networking/distributed computing environment concepts; understands principles of routing, client/server programming, the design of consistent network-wide file system layouts.
§Ability to program in an administrative language.

§Excellent verbal and written communications.
§Fluent in English

Human Resources Department

Tring Communications
Kompleksi “Don Bosko”, Tiranë
Tel: +355 44 800 106
Fax: +355 44 800 001

URL: http://www.tring.al
Fjalë Kyçe: , , , , ,
Statistika: 1439 Shikimet Totale, 1 Sot

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