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ofroj vend pune Kerkues shkencor/researcher



Tirane, ofroj vend pune Kerkues shkencor/researcher
The Albanian Council on Foreign Relations (ACFR) is looking for two researchers.


Drafting policy and academic papers on security, transition to democracy, European Union and NATO integration and economic development issues; drafting project
proposals; conduct fieldwork and write final reports on projects dealing
with the above-mentioned issues;
Ad-hoc administrative and other duties as requested.


The successful candidates must meet the following requirements:

– A diploma preferably in one of the following fields of study:
political science, international relations or economics.
However, ACFR encourages candidates that have completed their
studies in other social sciences to apply as well.

– Master’s degree, preferably in one of the above
mentioned fields is a must.

– Excellent knowledge of both English and Albanian. The successful candidate
must have excellent research and writing skills in both languages. A good
knowledge of another language is preferred but not necessary for this position.

Tel. : 355 4 2248853/ext 47

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Statistika: 1350 Shikimet Totale, 1 Sot

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ofroj vend pune Kerkues shkencor/researcher

Tirane / Shqiperi

26/10/2010 3:38 am

355 4 2248853

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